About Sahaweb

About Us

Sahaweb is based out of Wyoming where we own and operate our facility and network.


Each provider has its weakness and strengths, and as a Tier4 operator, we have route optimized all our traffic to specific regions. This has allowed us to deliver media-driven needs and rich content to end-users at the fastest speeds possible.


Sahaweb strives to meet the technology needs of our future IT-driven society on a global level while ensuring excellent customer experiences. The Sahaweb team provides superior service and dependable technical support to develop client-tailored solutions to address identified issues. Our team will strive for faster responses, deployment, and automation that allows our customers to control their products.

Why Choose Us?

Sahaweb is created on a solid foundation where management and technical staff has more than 10+ years of experience within the industry. We can educate our clients on the best approach to a problem and make specific suggestions when we see an opportunity. These suggestions have allowed our customers to succeed and fuel their businesses in some shape or form. Many have seen us as industry shakers and movers who closely watch us for the next industry trend. Our creations of technology are light years ahead of many hosting providers. This has allowed our customers to take advantage of resources that are not yet available within the common market, giving them a competitive advantage.

Our Storyline


Shared hosting was formed to fill the void that many small businesses needed to start their business online. IRC/Shells were created to allow DDoS-prone clients and security-minded individuals to develop applications that suit their hobbies.


Reseller hosting was formed to fuel the hot dot com boom that many businesses no longer trust large corporate businesses


Board of directors was created where it allow our organization to grow to the next corporate structure


Celebrated its 100,000 client where the organization has stepped into a new frontier


Tripled the revenue base with positive feed back from customers on its product and services. Nominated for fastest host that grew within 2008.


Enter the VPS market as demand was fueled by customers concerns and needs for additional customization require.


Deployed over 500,000 virtualization containers.


Entered the managed services for virtualization and dedicated and bare metal servers.


Increase visibility into the dedicated server market to help reseller grow their own VPS companies. We were experts in the field where many businesses came to us for suggestions for setup on hardware, implementation and integrations.


Launched our own datacenter that we became operators of the facilities. Psychz Networks design and implement power structure, cooling, and network paths. Became a recognized Fortune 1000 company for one of the fastest growing companies in America. Created a diverse network paths and fiber assets within the Los Angeles area.

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