Dedicated Servers

Get dedicated resources and full control.

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Ram DDR4 NVMe SSD Disk CPU Bandwidth Price
32 GB 2 x 256 GB Quad Core Unlimited $177/mo*
64 GB 2 x 256 GB Quad Core Unlimited $225/mo*
64 GB 2 x 512 GB 2 x Quad Core Unlimited $260/mo*
128 GB 2 x 512 GB 2 x Hexa Core Unlimited $310/mo*
128 GB 2 x 1024 GB 2 x Hexa Core Unlimited 360/mo*

Why our Servers, are the best

powerful and fast.

By opting for dedicated hosting, the user essentially rents a physical server with all its resources and management tasks allocated to you alone.

While this means that the entire server management will lie on the users' shoulders, the level of difficulty can be brought down significantly by opting for managed services such as Liquid Web.


Although we provide basic support for our clients, the dedi's are unmanaged and the client is responsible for their own data.
Are you new to this? No worries, we provide basic support to each one of our clients! Just drop us a ticket and we will help you out.
We are doing our best to have happy clients but if you are unhappy with your host, we provide a full refund within a month of your purchase, just contact us.
You can find what we allow and not on our ToS however to give you an idea, we stricly do not allow any adult/hacking/copyrighted material on our web host.

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